If you are interested in the Relatable Leader podcast (it's like a weekly job skills coaching session with me) or my books and other resources available for employees, please click on this link: 

This is our meeting place  

and home for product links and activities

beyond my Relatable Leader

outreach for employees.

Interpersonal Evolution is the brand through which I offer products and resources outside my focus on employee training. For example, I wrote and illustrated a coloring book.

I also wrote a book for college students.

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 I love photography, had an agent in New York for my greeting cards, designed my own T-Shirt line,

was published in 

The Best Contemporary Women's Humor 

and I carve figures in wood. 

Here's the point:

my purpose is contribution

through creativity

I like to connect with others

who share their positive energy

through creative endeavors. 

I appreciate interacting with other creatives.

​Let's make a positive difference while

we're on this planet together! 

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my communication color book.​​

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