Before the training specialist career grabbed me by the collar and relentlessly pulled me in that direction, my professional time was focused on writing, graphic design and cartooning, and photography. 

I was consistently published in a variety of formats, designed a T-Shirt line that received national recognition in a trade journal, had my own art and photography shows, as well as having my work included in other shows including being selected by jury to be included in a show at A Different Light bookstore in New York.

If you are interested in learning more about my career as a training specialist, please see my website:

If you are interested in my history as an artist and writer, please see the links below. 

I graduated from California State University, Chico with degrees in English and in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Visual Communication.  I also completed course work in  journalism and photography. 

Chico State's annual publication, Watershed, was well-known in the community and I was happy to be one of the writers included in this volume:


My journey as an artist in the 1980s intersected with Laurel Burch. It was an exciting and amazing time for me!

I was faced with some challenging decisions as I balanced the draw of working for an internationally known artist with whom I had an incredible connection, and holding true to my own artistic identify. In truth, I think Laurel made lots of people feel as if they had an incredible connection with her; it was part of her creative allure. I am grateful for the two years when we sparked each other and San Francisco became part of my regular experience. 

My career as an artist started in 7th grade when a friend hired me to draw personalized Christmas tags for her.

I continued carrying two careers until 2006 when my training schedule became so booked, I decided to focus on that for a time. Most recently I started selling Goggia Graphics again through my online Zazzle store, Goggia Graphics Employee Products. This video is from 1999 when I was highlighted as an artist in

The Creative Spirit series.