I love kids. One day when I was delivering some materials I'd written and designed for a counseling office, the children in the waiting room jumped into my heart and wouldn't let me go until I created a coloring book for them. Now, all these years later, the book has helped creatives of all ages. Most importantly, it's a fun book that gets people thinking, sometimes talking, and always coloring my images and the images they add to the pages.

100% of the proceeds from this book are donated to The Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley and this Amazon link is the only sales outlet authorized by me.

I originally published this color book in 1989. I conferred with counselor, Lynn Reyman, on my concept and asked for suggestions on additional sentence stems. This was in the days before I held two international training certifications and a certification for performance coaching, so I appreciate now, as I did then, Lynn's enthusiastic support of this project. 

The first story shared with me about how this color book helped someone came from a counselor who was working with a four-year old. Sadly, she had been abused and stopped talking. She hadn't talked for weeks. 

And then, as she was coloring the picture of the dolphin, she said, "He hurt me." I knew then the color book was worth doing, if only to help that one child. 

Then I heard about counselors who were using the color book in their work with teens, including pregnant teens and young people who were planning to marry. 

From there, adults contacted me about how much they enjoyed it. Parents let me know how much fun they were having using the color book to open up communication with their children. Grandparents enjoyed having their own copy to color while their grandchildren colored too. 

As I started publishing books for employees, I realized I could easily re-release this project. I decided to set it up so it would be helpful X2. First, people will color in creativity and relaxation when they use the book. Second, all proceeds - yes, 100% - go to The Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley in Northern California. 

If you are in the market for a color book for yourself, or as a gift, I very much appreciate you choosing THIS color book, knowing it will help other children.

​Thanks so much, Catherine